Friday, October 14, 2005

"What has become of our glorious nation?"

Jalopnik comes through yet again...carrying the van torch with dedication while some of us merely take photos and imagine "what could have been."

He links to a fine, ground-breaking even, article from the SF Chronicle's Peter Hartlaub, "Once custom vans ruled the road. What has become of our glorious nation?"

From that article, I know now that I am completely unworthy and failing in my van-love (?), especially when compared to the superhuman admiration shown through folks like RockinVan.

My buddie Tim used to have this old Dodge van. It was sweet. He was a good Irish boy, he had a picture of his grandma, a whole shrine to his grandma, on the dashboard of the van. He used to park in the tenderloin and he eventually quit locking the doors cause it would always get jacked open and the prostitutes would take tricks in there.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Econoline (Approaching From Heaven)

Originally uploaded by katn77.
A beautiful old(ish) Econoline parked near my wife's office in Cambridge, MA.